Dayton Nationals 1980
Photo by Phil Kunz

Last Update: March 27, 2014

New Hull Photos

On October 17, 2009, I became the third owner of this 280 class, Ron Jones, Sr. hydroplane. The hull was brought from Anaheim, CA. to Sammamish, WA. on November 28, 2009 by me, Gordy Gillmer, Dave Compton and Andrew Compton. The first order of business will be to remove the deck and inspect all structural members. Once the inspection and any subsequent needed repairs are complete, the boat will be rolled over and the repair work that is needed on the bottom will be done. THEN...back on her feet to be re-plumbed, re-wired and re-decked.

Keep checking back as I get the website refined and more information gets posted.

Steve Compton

March 27, 2014

Been bustin' out the paint and sandpaper trying to get the ol' girl looking like she used to. Since the last update, The engine is been in and out a couple of times (checking the motor mounts and clearences), the belly pan has been painted and put back on, the wiring for the cockpit has been completed, the steering has been installed, the rudder, pitman arm and bushings have been fabricated and installed, the thrust bracket and bearing has been aligned and installed, and there has been dust and primer flying!

Rolled over so I can do some additional
paint work that needs to be done.
For those who have been following me on Facebook, you saw that I moved the cockpit cowl into the basement to paint. Well, Mary informed me that it made the whold house "stink" so I got a bunch of fans and waited until the temperature moderated and I could open the doors and blow the odor outside! I seemed to work because the complaints went down to "well, it's OK. I can live with it!" That, at least, got the cockpit done to a point I could do the layout on engine cowl.

In the meantime, I rolled the boat over onto her lid because the paint was a little thin on the sponson bottoms and in some of the hard-to-reach areas because the roll around we had put the boat really low. I got a chance to get those areas covered up and by the end of the weekend, it will be back on its feet for the deck work.
Cockpit and Engine cowls are now waiting for Graphics

On April 5th, the City of Kenmore will be re-enacting the Slough Race. This was an outboard race that ran between Kenmore and Lake Sammamish down the Sammamish Slough. The race took place between 1933 and 1976. The annual event brought out thousands as they lined the bank of the Slough hoping to see someone lose it and run up on the bank (which DID happen quite a bit!) The Slough has not had boats running up and down it for many years, and there is a control area near Marymoor Park that prevents boats from travelling the full length any more.

The timed race will start at the Kenmore Boat ramp, next to the 68th Street Bridge, will come out of the mouth of the Slough, circle a course off Logboom Park and finish back at the bridge. There will be a display of boats (including The Gold Streak) at Logboom Park.

I'm close...so close I sent my entry in for the Soap Lake race that will take place on June 14-15. So I'm committed!
Keeping fingers crossed!!!!!!

At the APBA Region 10 meeting last fall, one of our vintage buddies, Ron Morrison, announced that he had gone out and had an original Ron Jones Sr Racing Hull logo reproduced. Of course he had to buy a minimum number. and with the setup, he was wanting to sell some of his "surplus". Well, as you can imagine, this was an opportunity one cannot pass up! In talking to John Leach a while back, I mentioned the logo and he had not been able to get any. And since Ron Sr. didn't have any more, this was a great deal!

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